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Norma Diana’s Latin vocals & lyrics featured in The Whole Ten Yards!…(a professional & mystical invitation of a lifetime)

Norma Diana was deeply honored in 2004 by a singing & lyric recording invitation from the Academy Award Nominated Film Composer, John Debney, one of the most prolific and successful Composers in Hollywood, having just finished composing the film soundtrack for the ‘Passion of the Christ’. Mr. Debney having heard Norma’s Guest Vocals & Spanish Lyrics on the ‘Frida Kahlo aka Mamacita’ song (by the equally prolific Latin Soul Syndicate), being placed in a new film project he was composing a soundtrack for – ‘The Whole Ten Yards’ –  Mr. Debney flew Norma Diana into Burbank CA, on one of the most stormy Winter mornings of 2004 and Ash Wednesday to top it off.  The Spiritual and Mystical implications of this remarkable professional music collaboration invitation placed on Ms. Norma’s longtime artistic path was not lost on her. And the connection to her Beloved, Devoted, Deeply Faithful Catholic Mother having passed a few years back.

These unseen forces acting on one’s behalf are all around us, to help us on our Life’s Path & Purpose. As long as we can stay authentically open and connected in Mind, Heart & Soul to receive these beautiful Offerings, helping to fulfill our Daily Good works. Reminds we are not alone on these journeys and creative partnerships.

The English & Spanish lyrics, of a Man & Woman conversing, dancing, supporting to “Ay, Mamacita, Go On and Do your Thing” …mirroring this whole experience and the end product Mamacita song featuring Norma Diana’s vocals/lyrics in the first part of this movie, as well as Latin coro parts in the original soundtrack score by Mr. Debney.

Latin Soul Syndicate music is available @ LoveCat Music for their whole CD & iTunes for individual tracks.

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