Services Offered

Norma Diana provides professional level vocal work in:

Casual Music Engagements (private & corporate parties, festivals, restraunts & clubs.)

Narration Voice Overs (any medium)


  • Local Independent & Student Filmakers – need a theme song or help with background vocals on your soundtrack? Norma Diana would love to help you out and look forward to hearing from you at the contact info below.
  • Vocalist/Latin Percussion -She is also available for private & public parties, festivals and other events with a guitar accompanist or quintet, performing Jazz and Swing standards, as well as Bolero, Cha-Cha and Bossa Nova standards. Please visit her songlists…maybe your favorite song is there! If not, she’d be happy to learn any special requests.
  • STAND-IN Lead or backup vocalist – She’s also available as well for your live performances or recording sessions should your regular vocalist not be available .
  • T.V./Radio Commercials – please listen to her MP3s recordings.
  • Voice Over Directors – She’d love to help you out here too, from the smallest part to writing dialogue.

Listen here, or, a demo CD  of singing & spoken word (English, Spanish or both) can be mailed upon request.

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