Norma D. Rodriguez (a San Francisco, CA native) and Stanette M. Rose (of  Maple Valley, WA) are a songwriting pair known for their uplifting, swinging jazz song, “Union #6.” When asked what inspired the song, Stanette said “I went to that special place of peace and channeled it out on paper while at a birthday jam session of AFM Local 6 Musicians”. Norma added “my arrangements and music inspired by Stanette’s rich words guided me to the upbeat tempo and style for ‘UNION #6’, in honor of that special gathering we both attended one rainy winter day”.

In addition to Norma’s credits in the music business, Stanette received the honor of having one of her 2004 poems published in a New York Times article (Nov.’04) about the death of a homeless man in her community. Stanette’s first nationally published poem. She has been prolifically writing poems for over 20 years.

Norma and Stanette are currently on songwriting hiatus with a near future goal to re-record and arrange “Union #6” for a first time posting  @ YouTube.

With Norma’s renewed pursuit as performing songwriter/recording artist, voice-over actor & background vocalist, future publishing deals  songwriting contracts, commissions and record deals with agent representation are yet to come.

Listen to the following tracks from their CD FIRE & EARTH CD (1st Family of 5)

1. UNION #6

2. A Sprite Is Born

3. Problematic Jesus

4. What Being


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